• Richard and Mary, Sept 5-8 2019

Yoga in the Mirror of Buddhism:
Reflections on the Internal Form of Ashtangayoga
A 4-day study intensive with Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor in Göteborg, Sweden, Sept 5-8 2019


Though Yoga and Buddhism have evolved into two distinct disciplines, they stem from common roots and their teachings remain some of the most accessible and profound. In this workshop we will explore differences and complementary concepts within these two classical systems as reflected in asana practice, as well as through study and chanting of two traditional texts; the Yoga Sutra and the Heart Sutra.

Historically Yoga and Buddhism have opposed, stolen from and have even learned from each other. On the surface they seem to be based on conflicting axioms. Buddhists say that there is no self or atman. Yogis say that the Self or atman is all that there is. Who’s right? By looking at the foundational teachings of early Buddhism, juxtaposed with the early Indian texts, we will explore this question and see just how much these schools have helped each other to evolve.

We will explore the deep internal forms of postures traditional within the Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga system, so that students can experience how these forms demonstrate and ground the concepts of Yoga and Buddhism through the direct experience of the joining together of prana and apana within the core of the body.

Morning sessions will be a led asana practice focusing on form, alignment and the meditative flow of postures from the Primary and Intermediate series.
Afternoon sessions will include chanting, philosophy, sitting practice and pranayama.

The course is appropriate for students with at least one year of practice.



Daily schedule

Morning 9-12: Asana

Lunchbreak: 12-13.30

Afternoon 13.30-16.30: Chanting, Pranayama & Study of the Yoga Sutras & the Heart Sutra

Location: Pjäshallen, Kviberg, Göteborg


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About Richard Freeman

Richard Freeman has been a student of yoga since 1968. He has spent nearly nine years in Asia studying various traditions which he incorporates into the Ashtanga yoga pracice as taught by his principal teacher, K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India. Richard’s background includes studying Sufism in Iran, Zen and Vipassana Buddhist practice, Bhakti and traditional Hatha yoga in India. Starting in 1974 he also began an in-depth study of Iyengar yoga, which eventually led him to Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. Richard is an avid student of both Western and Eastern philosophy, as well as Sanskrit. His ability to juxtapose various viewpoints, without losing the depth and integrity of each, has helped him develop a unique, metaphorical teaching style. Richard is the founder of the Yoga Workshop in Boulder, Colorado which is his teaching home base. He has numerous practice DVD’s and CD’s, is the author of ”The Mirror of Yoga” and the co-author of ”The Art of Vinyasa” (Shambhala Publications).
Richard travels throughout the world teaching courses, workshops and trainings.

About Mary Taylor

Mary Taylor began studying yoga in 1971, soon after she came home from France with a grande diplôme from Julia Child’s cooking school, L’Ecole des Trois Gourmandes. She found yoga at first a means of finding equanimity during the stress of University, and it was that thread of balance that got her hooked. It was not until 1988 and finding her primary teacher, K. Pattabhi Jois, and the Ashtanga Vinyasa system that she experienced the profound and transformative impact that a dedicated and daily practice can have on all aspects of life. She continues to study and practice yoga and Buddhist teachings with great enthusiasm and inquisitiveness, with an eye on how the residue that is produced on the mat (and cushion) through these teachings informs and supports all aspects of everyday life.
Mary travels and teaches with Richard, but also within the caregiver and hospital setting as part of the core faculty of the Being with Dying program (Upaya Zen Center) and the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Trainings.
In 1988 she co-founded the Yoga Workshop in Boulder, CO with Richard, and she is also the author of several cook books and the co-author of ”The Art of Vinyasa” (Shambhala Publications).


Prices and registration:

  • Full 4 day workshop: 4500 SEK

  • 2 day option: 3500 SEK

  • Single day option; 2000 SEK


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Visiting Gothenburg 

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This is the third time that we have the honor to host Richard Freeman here in Göteborg and we are delighted that this time he will be joined by his wife Mary Taylor!
During the first workshop with Richard in 2013, we explored the title:
”The Thread of Nectar – The Meditative Practice of Ashtanga Yoga”.
In 2016, the title under scrutiny was:
”The Vinyasa of Relationship: Alignment, Form & Bhagavad Gita”.
Both these previous workshops have gathered big, enthusiastic and happy crowds of participants, and needless to say, we look forward immensely to these four days of practice, study and meeting and creating community together with all of you!

Photos from Richard’s workshops in Göteborg 2013 and 2016